Sofas and Smoothies


I was writing a completely different post earlier and this kinda just popped into being all by itself
So this one is first, as it’s about home comforts and food.
Being the Taurean lady that I am; a comfy sofa is the ultimate in pleasure for me 😀

My other sofa – bless, is looking a little tired and it just wasn’t long enough (it’s an important consideration as I have long legs), even though I have fallen asleep on it a million times and squished too many people on it!
It was time for a change

So it comes to the time when a new sofa is to be acquired, luck would have it that my sister was selling hers and I said to her first dibs on it.

It was my birthday last month and my dear dad helped by getting it shipped down to me (we live 300 miles apart)

So after scrubbing the floor and moving the other sofa (might put it in my therapy room, need to measure it to see if it fits first) I haven’t contemplated how I’m going to get the other sofa up the stairs…. eeek
I won’t discuss the state of my stairs after dropping a wardrobe down them (well it was heavy and yes I did it on my own)

It is very loungable on, so I just watch my fave tv programmes like Without a Trace, Dr Who, Taggart, and Star Trek Voyayer (I like watching stuff that has a detective/murder element  and Sci-Fi) and I love to listen to music on my squeezebox receiver/duet as it’s on top of the tv, plugged into my surround system.

My foot stool is humongously ridiculous (it can be moved anywhere, as it’s not attached to the sofa) I had a few friends over and we all sat (5 of us) on the sofa and we got 3 pairs of legs on the footstool alone, my own little round pouffee is great and complements the new sofa rather well

I love relaxing as I can be uber busy and to be able to chill out is so important, I used to hang out in my bedroom as that’s a great place to write blogs but I also need a change of scenery and I wasn’t really using my living room that much ( I live with my 16-year-old son and lucky for me I have a 3 bedroom house) the other bedroom is my therapy room

It’s taken me a long time to get my home the way I want it, I’ve recently redecorated the livingroom (I got bored one weekend and just started painting) Now to decide what pictures to put on the walls – I haven’t a clue …. yet
I am getting my stairs fixed soon ..Yay! Next on the list is my hallway – painting it and sanding & varnishing the stairs and putting a nice runner on them.


Now I also love making smoothies off the top of my head, I had some random ingredients but not enough to make a pie or worth eating alone so I made a vegan smoothie

Scottishsiren’s Banana & Yogurt Smoothie

1 and a half bananas
2 small soya yogurts ( I used forest fruits)  You can also use plain yogurt
Half a block of firm tofu (about 200g) I use Cauldron Tofu
Some Juice (big dash) (I used this time – red grape, raspberry and cherry juice) You can use any juice
Some soya milk ( Big dash)
Squirt of agave syrup

Whizz it all up in a liquidiser, it should be thick but pourable, add more agave/soya milk /juice to taste if needed

Pour into glasses and drink

You can use frozen fruit but it will feel it’s got ice in it (I don’t like that, but you might)

It will keep but the bananas will go brown (doesn’t affect the taste, so add lemon juice to counter that)

You can add any fresh fruit I just like to keep it simple, the basic ingredients are the tofu, soya yogurt, soya milk, and juice

It’s a good way of sneaking tofu into meals for fussy kids, being doing it for years!
It is also rather filling so you might not eat your dinner if like me and my son you scoffed the smoothies first …oops

Music listened to while researching/writing this blog post:
Part of my 500 playlist, though not sure why it has over 3000 songs

Gang of Four


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Devendra Banhart
Gustavo Cerati
The Presets
Siouxsie and the Banshees
T. Rex
Richard Hell and the Voidoids
Black Sabbath
Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton
Bad Brains and Sublime
The Cure
Joy Division
PJ Harvey
The Stranglers
The Horrors


  1. Aw huni YOUR sofa looks fab! Goes really nice with the lilac. Glad that you are enjoying it xxxx

  2. Thanks sweetie, yeah it’s great, though trying to prise Ross off of it, (Him + Playstation + Sofa = Win)
    I might need an industrial lifter!
    Yeah I like the colour combinations too, it works well… now for a round rug to complement the floor xx

    • lol i can imagine ross being a happy bunny on there! i have fallen asleep many times on it. all meant to be hun, dont you just love synchronicity…… xxxx

  3. Hi Diane,You are a great writer, I m still giggling about your blog.I imagine a great Scottish accent to go with it and woh…. I also like Crime the English series are the best .Sorry is Taggart a BBC product? Or is it from Scotland? The Ruth Rendell films were good and Morse ,the Commander is currently on tv.What is your son like? Is he all right, doing ok at school,and most important a nice person? I have this feeling I have known you before, probably have, ha ha. Dont want to stop writing but my youngest is home with tummy trouble. So speak you later, love from Sonja

  4. Thanks Sonja for your lovely comments. I have a mixture of an accent now though the Scottish comes through more when I speak to my sister. Taggart is a STV (Scottish television show) it’s part of the ITV network on British Television.
    Yes I love Morse too, John Thaw was a wonderful actor
    My son is a great kid who is just finishing his GCSE exams at school he is then going on to 6th Form college in September. Who knows? we may have met before hehe!
    Hope your youngest is better now.

    Well life is about synchroncity… it’s everywhere, we’re just not that aware most of the time!
    Though it was all so easy… I didn’t really have to do anything, I’ve noticed that lately, things just happen all by themselves (especially when I just let go :D) xxx

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