Get Well Cerati ~ Twibbon

 You can add it to your profile as just Cerati or do what I’ve done as my FB picture is quite long I’m sharing my pic with Gustavo 😀

Nice idea if you have Facebook, it’s called a twibbon a Get well Cerati pic, a show of solidarity for Cerati

Get Well Gustavo Cerati

On May 15, 2010, Cerati suffered a stroke due to a decompensation after his performance in Caracas, Venezuela. Three days later, according to the Venezuelan media, Cerati underwent surgery to relieve pressure on his brain due to the ischemic stroke he suffered. …On June 27, 2010 the family’s second statement was released, which affirmed that Cerati is receiving good medical care and asked fans to disregard any malicious rumours related to his health. Get Well soon Gustavo!


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  1. Hello how are you? My name is Evelyn, I’m from Argentina and I’m a fan of Gustavo Cerati, i love your blog, all the things you post about his health.I am sure he will recover, we must have faith and hope.It makes me happier than in other places know Gustavo, he’s a great artist. Sorry for my english. Greetings from Argentina. Evelyn.

  2. Hi Evelyn

    Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me a message, yes I love doing the updates about Cerati, when I first found out, I was so sad and frustrated, as I wanted to know what was happening, so I started translating the Spanish posts, with a general translator (not very good results so I’ve been improving/tweaking the posts so they sound better in English).

    There are occasional news articles in English, though most of the info is Spanish as you are no doubt aware. I’ll have a better look at your blog this weekend (I’ll need to get the translator out again 🙂 )
    Yes my friends and blog readers know who Gustavo is now – they may not have known before but they certainly do now!!

    Yes he is stable and slowly recovering, it may take a very long time – but I’m a patient lady
    Fuerza Gustavo

    Thanks again Evelyn

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