Cerati – Birthday Healing/La curación de cumpleaños 11th August 2010/ 11 de agosto

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I’ve done a 2011 post as a lot of people are checking this one out! Here’s the 2011 one 🙂

I’ll keep updating this for a few weeks after Gustavo Cerati’s birthday if they are related to that. All general updates from his family and health status are in my other post Cerati ~ Strength and Love To You xxx

This post is also for updates for events related to Gus, I’ll update it with events that I hear about, feel free to tell me/post updates

Happy Birthday Gus/Feliz Cumpleaños Gus

For me, his birthday is rather special…. as a kid I’ve always loved birthdays.

I’m much more of a birthday person than Christmas

We all are born and I feel it’s a lovely thing to do to celebrate it, it’s only once a year. I enjoy the whole thing, some people like little intimate celebrations some like lots of people, some like a special gift.I’ve chatted to people about Gustavo’s Birthday and I’ll link to any event that is being celebrated all over the world Gustavo’s birthday is just after the   New Moon in Leo so sending lots of good energy his way it’s a great time, when you see the thin crescent moon make a wish for Gus!
Mine here in the UK
Will be just playing lots of his music and lighting candles, sending balloons and some Healing Reiki, I might even bake a cake 😀
Any Cerati fans in UK want to chat and celebrate his birthday get in contact with me here

Links to Celebrations around the World

Let’s use a green ribbon, on Wednesday 11/08/2010, the day of Gustavo Cerati’s birthday, as the picture (the so-called baby tape, sold at any notions store ), pinned onto a  jacket (with a pin) or the last piece you wear re … membering you, we hope,that you wake up and get well soon. Usemos una cinta verde and wonderful video
Also another site called Todos por Cerati.
Another nice site  celebrar de forma especial el cumple de gus!♥ ( Do lots of photos on msn, facebook, etc. and remember to take your green ribbon! 🙂
VivaFM Para los Cerati fans: Hemos preparado un pequeño especial de Gustavo Cerati en la web! disfruten!! Sunday 15th 7pm here For Cerati fans: We have prepared a small special for Gustavo Cerati on the web! enjoy also links to Cerati videos

Janika Gente! el 28 de agosto tocamos en Abbey Road!! Estaremos haciendo un tributo al maestro Gustavo Cerati junto a Bajorelieve (tributo Soda/Cerati) y Lado A (trib. Soda). La cita es a las 21.00 hs. Nos vemos ahí!! Abbey Road, Juan B Justo 620, Mar del Plata, Argentina
The Planetarium (El  Planetario, Buenos Aires , Argentina on Saturday August 14th and Sunday August 15th) celebrar de forma especial el cumple de gus!♥ ( full of photos on msn, facebook, etc. and remember to take your green ribbon! 🙂
Instancia Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires” Planetario  14/08 here
Homenaje a Gustavo Cerati en Río Gallegos | Tiempo Sur / Tribute to Gustavo Cerati Río Gallegos | Tiempo Sur | Argentina here

There has already been an event here Reunion Soderos Ceratianos Bogotá Colombia 7th August

Celebremos el cumpleaños de gus en apoyo a su carrera!!!  11th August  here
Venezuela: August 11th – Plaza De Altamira- Caracas – 1:30pm – 5:00pm
Ceratianos y Soderos celebremos el día 11 los 51 años de GUS, usa tu cinta verde y lanza tu globo | 12 pm Parq Beethoven Merida

Junta para @cerati en chile (santiago) el dia 14 de agosto en plaza de aviacion a las 14:00 hr ..lleven cosas por fa para colaborar
Chile: Saturday August 14th – Plaza de la Aviación (not sure if that is in Santiago de Chile) at 16:30 – 20:00
Cumpleaños Gustavo Chile Dublin Patio Bellavista Constitucion 58, Patio Bellavista, Barrio Bellavista. Santiago, Chile  Wednesday · 19:00 – 22:30
Profugos en Feliz Cumpleaños Gustavo Cerati en Batuta” (Ñuñoa, Chile) 21 de Agosto here
¿Eres Fan de #Cerati? Elefante17 y @RevistAbsenta invitan a todas las bandas a la convocatoria TRIBUTO A CERATI here

Mexico D.F
Miercoles 11 Agosto (Cumpleaños de Gus Auditorio Nacional #DF Soltarán globos en apoyo, 6pm (CadaQuienSuGlobo)
Mexico: August 11 – 6:00 PM – Auditorio Nacional – DF (Distrito Federal) ; each person will bring a green balloon.
San Luis R C Sonora, Mexico, Misto Market 9 pm (see comments for details)
Ya tiene fecha la expo de Cerati. Del 8 de Septiembre al 17 de Octubre. Para + info here Mereces lo que sueñas // Ilustrando para Gustavo Cerati/You deserve what you dream / / Illustrating for Gustavo Cerati

Puerto Rico
Primavera 0 un concierto por Gustavo Cerati en el marco de su cumpleaños, sábado 14 de agosto, 8pm, Hard Rock Café, San Juan, Puerto Rico Fuerza Cerati!!! here
El abrazo boricua desde Puerto Rico hasta Argentina para GUSTAVO CERATI!!! Celebraremos el cumpleaños número 51 del cantautor argentino este miércoles con rotación especial de SODA STEREO en ALFAROCK LEGENDS y un programa especial con la música de Cerati en Portada Rock de 10am a 12 del mediodía. FUERZA CERATI!!! Parte de nuestros especiales en agosto, mes de aniversario de ALFAROCK   105.7/http://alfarock.com/ here

8/8/10 reunión de fans para festejar tu cumpleaños en Guayaquil, Ecuador… Toda nuestra energia contigo IDOLO

El Circo Del Rock – Especial de Gustavo Cerati / Miércoles 11 / 2:00 p.m. here

I’ll add any event I find, if you have a event not on the list get and touch and I’ll add it  🙂

Thanks to Sandra @fuerzacerati for info and translations and Miguel Gómez for the Cerati Ribbon



  1. Sandra DB - VZLA

    Great post Diane! I’m glad I was able to help you a little by gathering information. Our love and admiration for Gustavo brings us together, from everywhere around the world. Happy Birthday Gus!!! We love you!!!

  2. Sandra,
    Thanks for your lovely comments 🙂

    Yes I’m so happy to have got to know you through Gus, you have been an absolute treasure!

    Gus, estamos siempre contigo y oramos para tu recuperación
    Feliz Cumpleaños!!!!

    Gustavo Cerati and Hat

  3. San Luis R C Sonora, Mexico
    Misto Market
    9 pm

    Facebook invite:

    El miercoles 11 de Agosto es cumpleanos de Gustavo Cerati, los que amamos su musica nos reuniremos a celebrarlo. Con mixes de GIB y los grupos PROFUGOS y PDA que nos haran revivir la musica de CERATI y Soda Stereo. Acompananos desde las 9pm en Misto Market de Avenida Hidalgo 2da y 3ra.Tel 534-9030. No cover. Cena deliciosas Pizzas, Panini y Empanada Argentina con vino o Margaritas.


  4. Happy Birthday Gustavo! from UK xx fuerzacerati!!!
    Una cinta verde en su cumpleaños (video) lovely, Me quedo aquí http://dai.ly/bWvtZv

    heart xx

    Gus  y Benito

  5. Sorry not been around, been away most of today
    There is a lot of activity via twitter and facebook about Gustavo’s birthday, which is amazing, up to date info from cerati fans is via @fuerzacerati

    I’ve also found a reiki group on facebook for us that do Reiki called Reiki para Gustavo Cerati
    It’s good to have a group focus with Reiki as it makes it so powerful 🙂

    Gustavo Cerati Fans Wish Him Happy Birthday” – Terra http://bit.ly/c1HSlB

    Gus poncho

  6. Feliz Cumple

    From Gustavo on Facebook and his website

    Hoy nuestro deseo y el de muchísima gente es solo uno: tu recuperación.
    Te amamos y te esperaremos todo lo que sea necesario. “La tinta no seco y en palabras dije muchas cosas, pero en mi corazón todavía queda tanto por decir, que no me …voy, me quedo aquí”

    Today, our desire and that of many people is just one: your recovery.
    We love you and wait for whatever is necessary. “The ink is not dry and in the words I said many things, but in my heart there is still much to say, I’m not… going, I’m staying here”

    GC xx

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  8. Gustavo Cerati, tu luz no deja de pulsar!!!!!
    Location:Planetario Galileo Galilei – Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Time:Saturday, 26 February 2011 16:30

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