Yummy Vegan Pancakes, Baby!

banana and choco pancakes 5

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged so I thought let’s start with some good old pancakes (pancakes, broccoli and mashed potatoes are my favourite foods – though not together!)

I love pancakes, with lots of different fillings, my favourite is melted chocolate and banana, with a splash of lemon. Pancakes are actually so easy to make, you just need a decent frying pan, I use a frying pan/wok type thing. It’s quite big, I prefer bigger pancakes as you can put more stuff into them and they look great when you roll them up.

Lots of different things dependent on what you like to eat. Here are my favourites, vegan of course, though you can add anything really as long as it will roll with the pancake : )

  • Lemon, chocolate and banana
  • Ratatouille, rice and beans
  • Tofu, steamed veggies, buckwheat and pesto
  • Ice cream, raspberries and some agave syrup (messy but wonderful)
  • Frozen berries (warmed up so they are a pulpy goo)
  • Cream cheese and herbs, tofu, leek and mushroom Continue reading