300zx Twin Turbo Manual
I see my zed like a big gallant horse and a spaceship all rolled into one
Ok I’m now about 6 years old and loving it!
Life has enough to trip you up, test you and drive you nuts, there ain’t nothing wrong with focusing on the postive and the fun stuff.
I’m all for world peace, fighting injustice and hypocrisy – who in their right mind wouldn’t be?
There is also time for good things – the stuff that makes us chuckle and grin from ear to ear, the people who make our hearts flutter and the peace we all have within us to help make a difference to the world
That starts with nurturing ourselves and showing others by example how great things really can be
There are naysayers, pessimists and cynics everywhere and yes it’s good to be logical, rational and serious sometimes… but we all need some food for the soul – a bit of happiness, love and and tender loving care
Without it we perish on virtually all levels be it mentally, emotionally or otherwise.
So I’m here tonight to chat about my zed, I have a lovely sports car, it’s old (it will be 18 years old in June)
It needed some minor repairs before Christmas and I just got well.. hacked off with fixing it (I’ve done a lot of fixing it in the past) and just didn’t do anything so my poor car has been sat on my driveway doing nothing.
I have a dear friend and if he saw this he would cringe… hehehe but bless him he lent me some extra cash to get it fixed so after a few false starts remembering exactly what needed fixing ( a nearside rear wheel bearing and 2 rear gaskets for the exhausts…. bloody hell that’s bugger all really
Then a quick phone to Mr. F and the parts are ordered
I think I just needed a little break from it all as also over the last few months I’ve been focused on other things
So it’s all good… So now I get my other friend to do the work and off we go zooming around and going through the gears and feeling the turbos kick in …woooosh and off we go (You realise I’m 6 years old again)
The good point here which is the title of this little story is to get in the saddle again, get out of the dirt, off your arse and get back on your horse
Yes I’ve landed, head first, face first, on my arse in the dirt so many times (it’s embarrassing) but hey, that’s life sometimes you need to be ceremoniously dumped in it literally – like a bit of a wake up call
So you get the message and then you sit there covered in dirt crying/whining/moaning like a little kid, well that’s all fine for 5 minutes, but who wants to play with the whiney kid?
So get back in the saddle, enjoy life, be yourself, get a grip and happiness will find you
Then make a difference and touch other people’s lives