Music … always
I’ve always loved music and love going to see live bands and artists.
I’ve enjoyed listening to music more so over the few years especially since I’ve found Last fm, which is a Internet radio site.
It’s a simple concept you play (scrobble) music either from the radio on last fm or via some software on your computer, which is linked to your music player which then makes a page with your listening history on it; here’s mine for example:
My profile on Last Fm
This place is amazing I love the fact that it is so focused on music, I’ve met so many good people, found tons of music I would never have encountered otherwise and it led me to…. the Squeezebox. Now this is where it gets even more fun….
I can now listen to all my music (approximately 16,000 songs on my hard drive) but the beauty of it is I don’t need to be sat at my computer to do it.
The squeezebox accesses my computer’s hard drive; I play my songs via the squeezebox (or Internet radio stations from all over the world and even the last fm radio as well, there is so much choice on what to play)
I can have the boxes all over my house as it’s all done wirelessly. I didn’t have a decent hi-fi system in my home and really didn’t want to have to be in one room all the time for my music source so was looking for something, then I found the squeezebox booms. They are quite small, and have built in speakers so it’s perfect for me.
I’ve got one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom relaxing on a Sunday morning in bed, I don’t have to get up and change my cd’s …. heaven
The Duet Controller has album artwork on it and you can scroll through to find what you want to play (like a ipod), you can play a song, a whole album or all the music from one artist, have a random mix playing or a specific playlist.The duet can change any other of squeezeboxes so you can switch rooms easily. The duet receiver plugs into my surround system in my living room… instant music with great speakers.
You can play each boom independently or synchronise them all. The way we listen to music is evolving I feel more in touch with it now more than ever and I’ve not felt like that since my days of making compilation tapes and swapping/making music with anarcho punks back in the early 80’s