Happiness is utterly crucial here, I just know what doesn’t serve me …
Life is about living; being who you are and staying true to yourself..always
Even when it means you have to put “your hoof” down… (Taurus)
Feeling good is paramount, moping doesn’t solve anything; it just takes longer to get out of the shit!I’ve learnt that much and I know what works for me and what doesn’t
It’s not been easy sometimes as I’m stubborn and can’t see stuff that needs to changed right in front of me
I’m also good-hearted and loving so maybe I’m just too bloody nice sometimes; the inner bitch (babe in total control of herself) doesn’t come out enough and say maybe more often … “hey sod off”
I’d like to think I’m hardly ever like that as I see the essence of people and most people are essentially lovely
I do have one thing in my favour: I trust my instincts and my intuition
I have been working with energy and have done since I was about 15, though I don’t see myself as a tree-hugging hippy type (maybe I’m too cynical)
I can be gentle but I’m also a punk rocker Reiki Master, hahaha… now that sounds much more fun
I use the Sedona Method and I love a wonderful forum called Hootless
Love without fear…
Go on trust yourself a bit more … give it a whirl: you might surprise yourself
Life and loving someone is like getting a secret present: the more you unwrap the layers, the better it gets