Rose Otto (Rosa Damascena)
I love essential oils with an ultimate passion.
I found aromatherapy way back in the mid 80s when I was living in London.
I found it by mistake really I was not looking for it or that particularly interested at first. I was much more interested in Astrology and was taking an evening class in Hackney with Wanda Sellar who is a fine astrologer and I was also about to find out a wonderful aromatherapist too.
So I joined Wanda’s class in astrology, I got to know Wanda quite well as I did quite a few classes with her. She asked me along to her aromatherapy class. So I went along not really knowing what to expect.
Well after a few classes she pulls me to one side and tells me I’m a complete natural and asks me to be her assistant. She helped me to see what I couldn’t which was an affinity for essential oils and a natural talent at massage.
I’d always loved therapeutic touch/massage since I was a teenager, I seem to be able to know when someone needed a massage, I could feel energy from around that time and just intuitively knew what to do. I later developed that side and trained in Reiki in 1997  at the Reiki School with Reiki Teacher Chris Parkes
Wanda later encouraged me as a mentor and friend to train first in therapeutic massage with the Association of Massage Practitioners (AMP) and then as an aromatherapist with the London School of Aromatherapy (LSA) which I did. So I just dived in and started using essential oils and have been ever since (now for the last 20 years)
I won’t be going into all the therapeutic uses of all the oils, there’s plenty of blogs/web content and books out there. I will mention some blends I like now and then.
Oils and certificates
Now I’m rather fussy about what oils I use, as I prefer organic or wild crafted oils, I will use Rose absolute as I haven’t got the money yet to buy Rose Otto (hand pressed) … so if anyone would love to buy me some Rose Otto I’d be the happiest aromatherapist on the planet!
My favourites oils are Frankincense and Lavender (high altitude)
I use mainly Fragrant Earth oils.
The diversity of their oils is amazing  and they sell organic oils which I much prefer using. I’ve tried many oils over the years and not been very happy about the quality of a lot of them.
I love massage and love blending oils as even though I like burning essential oils, my satisfaction comes from giving clients a massage using my aromatherapy and massage skills.