The love of Reiki

You know when a friend has her hair done or some nice new makeup or just looks fresh-faced and happy, well a friend was just like that she looked radiant, so my curiosity was piqued to say the least, I asked her what it was she had done, she told me she had just learnt Reiki.
So I asked her about it, it’s interesting as I have been able to feel energy since I was a teenager, but kind of dismissed it as didn’t know what to do with it. I asked at the local spiritual church but was told categorically to come back in 6 months, so I thought this isn’t the way forward. So I went to a talk with Chris Parkes a Reiki Teacher whom my friend had just done his reiki course  and while I was having some reiki saw myself sending it to my mother (which is a reiki 2 level course, that I hadn’t done yet!) So I thought I’d better look into this and I did, it felt right to do the Reiki 1 Class with Chris and I’ve never looked back since.
Reiki is more about self-development for me than about giving and receiving the energy, that’s important too as so much love, healing and peace can be given and received by a reiki treatment, it’s  a wonderful gentle way of giving yourself or another some much-needed love, support and TLC.
Reiki for me transcends lots of spiritual boundaries, it has opened me up and helped me let go, love and detach from situations and people fo the last 13 years. It helped me deal with some very difficult issues and to be supported by the energy is wonderful and very comforting.
It’s not easy to explain what Reiki is the best way is to experience it for yourself, I never push the idea of reiki as if it’s not wanted it doesn’t flow, though what people say and what their bodies /energy systems needs can be very different. My hands “switch on” in a supermarket queue as sometimes a person will draw energy unconsciously by just talking to me, especially if they are feeling troubled so I just let them, I don’t drain myself as  the energy is a part of me a conduit if you like and as a person draws energy like a vacuum cleaner or sponge, it has to flow through me to get to them, hence I get some too .. great isn’t it!
I know I’m meant to be doing this more, I’ve run Reiki circles (where Reiki practitioners get together and share the energy with each other) in the past and I know I will again, I’m quite excited to be at this stage now and I’m looking forward to sorting through a few things and finishing my reiki teaching.
This is a lifelong journey for me and I’m looking forward to helping as many people as possible on their life path, with my reiki, massage skills and in the future my Sedona method training.
The one thing  that I love about reiki is my detachment, I’m still human and I do react and have strong emotions, though my levels of detachment are getting better and with the help of friends, Sedona method and reiki I can look at life with compassion, love and detachment as we are all learning and sometimes you need to let go and let other find their own path, you can still love and support them but everyone needs loving boundaries, so as therapists, lovers and friends we don’t exhaust ourselves and forget our own needs. Yet we are lovingly firm and help others on their path the best we can. That’s what I can do … the best I can, we all can and it’s good enough we have plenty of time to learn, lifetimes in fact.
Trusting the energy, and yourself is paramount here as I’m spent a lifetime not doing that for myself, the inner work/self-development for me is looking at myself deep within and growing and learning from it. I truly believe the experiences we have and the people we interact with are lessons for growth , development and understanding and some of the most challenging lessons are sent from a very deep love at a soul level. I’ve worked through 3 separate levels of reiki and now am at a stage where I’d like to conclude my reiki with training to be a teacher, exciting times and also to be able to work at a level of pure love is awesome.
The Reiki Principles are interesting as I know I break them all the time, though being aware of them I can strive towards a more loving and compassionate place, though it’s work over a lifetime, awareness is important, sometimes I’m so unaware, it’s painful, but I’ll gladly put my hand up when I realise, if I’ve offended or upset anyone and I’m proud of myself for learning this. Awareness helps again with the detachment as no matter where you are in life, whether you are happy, sad or life just plain sucks, you need to let people follow their own path. Love and support them yes but it’s their lessons not yours and having a certain level of detachment helps to you to stay clear, grounded and more helpful to the situations and people involved.
They may be totally stuck in apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger, pride (AGFLAP) – Sedona Method. I am constantly making my way to Courage, Acceptance and Peace (CAP) as then you reach a “hootless” state, when you are at peace within yourself no matter what.
Everyone seems such in a hurry nowadays, we need to slow down and let things flow as then we are connected to what’s real not all this manic terrified fear of missing something because we are not doing “something” all the time, learning to switch off, is about learning to say yes to loving yourself and being in tune with yourself.