Marlene Dietrich by Photographer Don English 1932 ~Shanghai Express
Marlene Dietrich ~  Dec 27th 1901 – May 6th 1992   Wiki Article
This has to be the ultimate diva for me, she was an actress and singer  I won’t go into her life history as it’s documented very well already. I want to tell you what songs I like and why I like her
My favourite  song by Marlene is Wenn Die Beste Freundin (Marlene Dietrich, Oskar Karlweis, Margo Lion) (1928)  then a close second is Ich Hab’ Noch Einen Koffer In Berlin (1954)  then Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt (1930)
She has a style that no one today can touch, a classy elegance – it’s not the same now perhaps it was managed well by the movie companies the allure of mystery about her (it certainly was for Marlene, her privacy was very important to her)
The film stars & singers  of today, it’s all about their lives (the details we don’t really need to know or want to know!) spread all over the newspapers, magazines and the internet. It becomes sleazy, not very classy and ruins it for me.
I like blogging and being honest but I’m also quite a private person so I don’t go splashing my business everywhere or have “so-called friends” who do that for me.
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“She remains what she has been for many years an absolutely strange delight, whose gifts lies outside her achievement as an actress, is not tied to a specific time and does not depend on the taste of the moment, not even on common sense” Cecil Beaton
I’m not doing this to put up a picture of unattainable beauty, I’m just appreciating her elegance, and her talent, even if she didn’t sing, her merits as an actress are many. I have seen quite a few of her films but it’s her singing for me that is what I adore her for. She has a very distinctive, deep voice for a woman and I like her for her unconventionality and having her own style which is fabulous even more so today.
I also like the fact she sings in German, French and English, I prefer her when she sings in German the most followed by French then English as it just feels better to my ears, I’m at an intermediate level of German so I get the jist of what she is saying.
I have found an interesting phenomena that I’ve noticed since I started listening to foreign language music, a lot of people won’t go anywhere near it as it’s not in English. I don’t understand this myself, language has never been a barrier for me, my German is ok, she also sings in French (all I can do is count to 21 in French) and my Spanish needs major work on improving it to a standard I’d like but that doesn’t stop me from listening to a lot of Latin American music see my other post on that topic.
The subjects she sings about mostly are about love, and me being a total romantic (in a non sloppy way) is wonderful as she helps me express myself beautifully. Two English songs she sings that fits the bill perfectly for me are  You Go To My Head and You’re the Cream in My Coffee
So what ‘s not to like about her? I’m reading a biography of her Marlene Dietrich: Life and Legend by Steven Bach also I’m looking forward to reading her daughter’s book about her life Marlene Dietrich by Her Daughter by Maria Riva
I’m just happy I discovered her music and films and I do hope you enjoy them too