Now Argentina is a wonderful place for great music, the first artist I want to talk about is Gustavo Cerati. He used to be in a band called Soda Stereo I like some of their songs but I absolutely adore his solo work much more especially the first album I heard Amor Amarillo, the songs from that album are amazing.
I love the way he weaves words to make songs that are more like poems, what I can understand and what I’ve learnt from others as I’m still learning Spanish and what I get from the feeling of the songs makes my heart sing; I’m so happy and grateful that I was introduced to him by a man whose perception and understanding taught me a lot; especially to appreciate and adore Cerati’s songs/writing. My favourite song is A Merced, there is something magical about that song, it just makes me really happy. I also love Amor Amarillo too and many others.
He has many albums some of my favourites are Bocanada, there are quite a few songs I like, the first being Engaña then Perdonar es divino which I understand more now than I ever have. It’s funny how things turn out and songs help you to see clearly and help you to love. Another great album by Gustavo is his latest Fuerza Natural which is a bloody brilliant piece of work.
All the songs on this album I like, that doesn’t happen very often.
My faves are Cactus – beautiful lyrics and the way he sings it
En tú nombre…  En tú nombre.
In your name, in your name…
Cuando te busco no hay sitio en donde no estés.
When I look for you there is no place where you’re not.
Amor Sin Rodeos is quite upbeat and Sal the lyrics ….well…. Sirenas e hipocampos con su canto nos encantaran. Mermaids and Seahorses charmed us with his singing, Nice to see the Spanish word for Mermaid is Sirena! and of course another wonderful song  called Déjà vu
Fuerza Natural Lyrics
Todo está hablándome
Está cambiando el aire
Nunca me sentí tan bien…
Everything is telling me
You are changing the air
I never felt so good …
Gustavo Cerati and Daniel Melero also recorded Colores Santos an electronic album that took place in 1992, shortly before the release of Soda Stereo’s album ‘Dynamo’.
I’m still learning about Gustavo Cerati’s work and as I learn more Spanish and understand his lyrical style better I’m sure I’ll be fascinated all the more. Give him a whirl…
The next band I’ll like to mention is Babasónicos they are a rock music band from Argentina, formed in the early 1990s along with other groups such as Peligrosos Gorriones and Los Brujos. Babasónicos have many albums and I have lots of favourites from their albums I can’t say one song is the best there are so many of them, like Los Calientes, Yegua, El Loco, Putita, Suturno, Carismático and Risa, to name a few
Some of the albums  I love are Anoche, Jessico and Infame – They have tons of album stuff out that I’m still exploring…. like Trance Zomba, Pasto, Miami, Mucho, Vórtice Marxista and Groncho
When in Argentinia there is a need to mention Charly García who is an Argentinean keyboardist, guitarist and singer-songwriter, former member of the bands Sui Generis (1972-1975), Porsuigieco (1976), La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros (1977-1978) and Serú Girán (1978-1982) I love Reloj De Plastilina, Rezo Por Vos, Necesito Tu Amor and Cerca De La Revolución, I haven’t really looked into his work properly yet but I have his live album Hello! – MTV Unplugged and I like Obras Cumbres
Charly García also collaborated with Pedro Aznar another argentinian musician on several records. They were together in the band Serú Girán and later they recorded Tango and Tango 4
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs are a great ska/rock band from Buenos Aires.  Songs I like by them are Vasos Vacios, Calaveras y Diablitos, El Matador, Mal Bicho and Yo Te Avisé
Todos Tus Muertos are a fab band, A radically political Argentine rasta-punk band that actually has issues to protest, Todos Tus Muertos was formed by vocalists Fidel Nadal and Pablo “Dronkit Master,” guitarist Horacio Gamexane, bassist Felix Gutierrez and drummer Pablo Potenzoni. The group named itself in honour of the tens of thousands killed by former Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla (from Wikipedia)
I love their manicness and their reggae songs they remind me of Bad Brains (another great rasta-punk band) El Camino Real, is a good album by Todos Tus Muertos the songs worth having a listen to are Dignidad, Rasta Vive, No Te La Vas a Acabar, La Casa Rosa, One of their best albums is Dale Aborigen. The songs I love are virtually the whole album and include Mate, Dale aborigen, Hijo nuestro, Tu Alma Mía / Adelita, Trece and Sé Que No/Requebra
Another well-known Argentinian band is Bersuit Vergarabat, they have some excellent songs from the albums La argentinidad al palo: Se es, Libertinaje and Hijos del Culo. I like La soledad, Sencillamente, Yo Tomo and  Perro Amor Explota
Bajofondo from Argentina and Uruguay) Often compared to Gotan Project, their music is a fusion of acoustic tango and electronic music, part of an evolving tango genre which is known as “electrotango” or “tango fusion” I first came across Bajofondo from a friend on last fm, I love their albums – Mar Dulce and the compilation Bajofondo Tango Club
El Otro Yo are a recent find for me, they are an alternative rock/punk rock Argentinean band from Buenos Aires They were named after an Arthur Rimbaud letter/prose, “Yo Soy Otro”(Je est un autre Rimbaud’s Letters ) I like their albums Abrecaminos, Colmena, Espejismos, and Mundo. The band members are Cristian Aldana (guitar and vocals), María Fernanda Aldana (bass guitar and vocals), Raimundo Ray Fajardo (drums) and Gabriel Guerrisi (2nd guitar). Also, from 1999 to 2004 they had a keyboardist, Ezequiel Araujo.
I like the fact they have a male and female singer it really adds depth to their songs. Songs I like of theirs are: Desatándonos, Revolución Humana, Hoy Aprendí and Viajero from Colmena album. Neuvo Orden, Auto Destrucción, Mascota del Sistema, Licuadora Mutiladora, Debe Cambiar and Pecadores from their Espejismos album (at the moment this is my favourite album)
I don’t know of many women singers/bands in Argentina apart from Juana Molina, Natalia Clavier and Mercedes Sosa (Please anyone who can recommend decent women artists/bands that would be great)
Juana Molina is singer/songwriter  she plays  acoustic guitar, among other instruments. Her music features elements of ambient and electronica,  She usually writes, mixes tracks and performs on her own. She has released 5 albums
Firs tin 1996 Rara, her second album Segundo, was named Best World Music Album 2003 in Entertainment Weekly and gained a Shortlist Award 2004 nomination. Tres Cosas, her third album, was placed in the Top Ten Records of 2004 by the New York Times. Son, her fourth album, released in 2005, has been acclaimed by the critics. In 2008, she released her fifth studio album, titled Un Día on Domino Records.(from Wikipedia) I am still exploring her albums been listening to Un Día, Son, and Segundo and  The songs I like are so far: Un Día, ¿Quién? (Suite), Dar (Qué Difícil), La Verdad, Sonamos, Mantra del bicho feo, Un Beso Llega, Quiero, No Seas Antipática I’ve started to listen to the albums Rara and Tres Cosas as well.
Mercedes Sosa (born 9 July 1935, died 3 October 2009 in Buenos Aires) was an Argentinean singer inmensely popular throughout Latin America. With her roots in argentinean folk music, she became one of the preeminent exponents of nueva trova (new song). Sosa is greatly admired for the depth and beauty of her contralto voice. She is nicknamed “La Negra” by her fans for her long, jet-black hair.(From Wikipedia)
I have the album 30 Años My favourite songs from her are La Maza, Gracias A La Vida, Todo Cambia, Sólo le pido a Dios (en vivo con León Gieco), Años (en vivo), Alfonsina y El Mar, Unicornio (this is my favourite, it’s amazing), Inconciente colectivo (con Charly García, Milton Nascimento) and Duerme Negrito
I’m going to finish with Federico Aubele and Natalia Clavier as they both make great music and I love Federico Aubele’s music with a passion, I adore how he easily conveys the love in his songs. He has made four albums – Gran Hotel Buenos Aires, Panamericana, Amatoria, and Amatoria Remixed
There are many, many songs I love from Federico and I nearly play him as much as Gustavo Cerati, trust me that’s a lot!
I’ll start with my favourite album from him which is Panamericana, this was given to me as a present and I absolutely adore it for the memories and the songs. I love the whole album it’s difficult to pick a few songs, my absolute favourite songs from this album are La Esquina , La Orilla , Este Momento, Corazón and the beautiful Lluvia Trust me just listen to the whole album, it’s wonderful.
Another good album is Gran Hotel Buenos Aires, Top of the list is Postales then Esta Noche, Contigo and the lovely Besos de Sal.
The new album took a while to grow on me as it’s quite different. Here’s a great Review of Amatoria the songs I love are Luna y Sol, Amatoria, Del Ayer, Hermosa and this song is really beautiful Otra Vez (feat. Sabina Sciubba)
From the Amatoria Remixed album this song stands out Luna y Sol (Lance Herbstrong Remix)
Natalia Clavier  has made 2 albums I have Nectar, her style is ambient with electronic elements and she has an angelic voice, she also sings with Federico on his album Panamericana and with the Thievery Corporation on tour.
The songs off her album Nectar that I like are Dormida, Azul, El árbol, No volverá and Simple
I’m enjoying writing this blog post as I’m listening to a lot of the music at the same time as I write (can’t write in silence, that just wouldn’t do!)
This was going to be a post with several countries in it but there are so many good artists/bands from Argentina it needed to be addressed, I’ve only included artists I like there are so many I’ve not heard of yet and if this post is any longer it will become unmanageable, there are more bands in the Part 1 post, if you haven’t already seen it. Please enjoy the links and the info and check out the bands and artists you won’t regret it.