Beanie’s Duck


I’ll explain who Beanie is later… the duck stayed at home while we went to….. the Peace Festival in Leamington yesterday (it would have been today but I wrote the Eddie Cochran post first), it’s a yearly event and they have lots of great music, stalls and food. I went with my friends Zee and Kory.
Here they are , it was a lovely day not too hot (if it’s too hot I can get a bit grumpy, must be my Scottish genetics I’m just not used to lots of the sunny stuff)
There were lots of bands playing in tents on bandstands and on the main stage (Don’t ask me who they were I haven’t a clue) here’s a nice link to the Peace Festival’s website.  It tells you more info on the background to the festival.
We wandered around looking at stuff (like you do) though the first stop was food at the Vegan Burger Stand   Me and Zee had a tofu burger I think Kory had a chilli burger, I would have taken a pic but they were so bloody yummy ( I covered mine in egg free mayo) we scoffed them too quick…. oops!!
We were on a mission to find vegan cake but could only find flapjacks and we wanted cake! So we will have to console ourselves with cupcakes that we ( Me and Zee) bake ourselves – such is life.
Zee bought a lovely purple dress, which I’m quite envious of and now want to borrow, the blue one was nice too but she looked fantastic in the purple one. Good choice! I saw a lovely long halter neck dress I liked but I don’t have much money right now so it will have to be another time
We also had fun on the hammocks and watched a band on the main stage, I also cleverly had hold of the camera so no one took any pics of me… hehe. (Thanks to Zee for the loan of her phone so I could take some pics, I left mine at home on the sofa…)
I am seriously considering buying a hammock as I’ve been fascinated by them for a very long time – Now I understand how they are constructed and how they stay up – I’d love one in my garden as I have plenty of room (combination of hammock, wooden struts and guy ropes and steel pegs into the ground – very clever) I always thought I needed a tree…
The hammocks were massive  and you can lay sideways in them
This is Beanie by the way – adorable isn’t she?
I do like that hat!
This post is for to my son who usually comes to the Peace Festival with me
Happy Birthday Ross xx