High above, in the clouds on my way to Edinburgh ~ 26th June 2010

I should really be fast asleep, listening to my meditation cd on my Squeezebox, drifting into la-la land, but I’m here getting inspiration for a new blog post instead… the idea for this post came about by having a good day, it’s been a little while since I’ve felt one of those really well and today was it
It’s starting to come back the feelings of grace and gratitude within me, which is nice.
They are such lovely feelings, well really states of beingness as that’s where you are with grace and gratitude they are like sisters who are just close and you know that they get on like a house on fire. The appreciation of life I have is phenomenal and it helps me deal with all the stuff that crops up in my life.  I know on a deep level that everything has an order even the chaos is an illusion and I do my best to hold steadfast and see the grace in all situations.
It’s so easy to react to a situation that is upsetting and sometimes I fail miserably, yet that is a learning curve for me and I use my awareness to understand what has happened, that awareness sometimes can take days or weeks, though I am thorough and like to understand what is really going on. Most reactions are emotionally based and are usually a need that is not being addressed/expressed or in my experience an emotion that is not being acknowledged as reacting aggressively or having a bad reaction (which in the beginning can be justified), though in the long-term this strategy doesn’t work very well.
As life can be a right pain sometimes and always reacting doesn’t get you anywhere and is far from empowering as you end up feeling like a victim to your circumstances. I have seen over the years how hard life can be, I’ve experienced it myself too many times and I’ve learnt that being angry at the world doesn’t work as the world really doesn’t give a shit. Yeah we all have issues, problems, hang ups and down times and I’ve learnt to be grateful for those times even though some of them were the saddest moments of my life as it proves many things.
1. You can feel, you are not an automaton
2. You are in the moment and it won’t last forever
3. You always have the power to change things
4. There is always a divine order to everything
5. There may be karma you need to experience
6. Grace and gratitude can become you constant companions
As I said appreciation is important as we tend to nullify all the little good things in our life, dismissing our little victories as nothing important, it’s so easy to be negative it takes little effort, shifting your energy, being aware and also letting go of the terror, fear and anger  takes more effort, but to move forward it’s important to look at these feelings. I use the Sedona Method and Ho’oponopono, both help me to see the grace and get to a place where I become hootless (where nothing matters but not in apathetic sense, in a relaxed, happy and peaceful way) This is easy to do and I’ve discussed them in other posts see the Ho’oponopono post and Digging Deep
The sudden collapse of Gustavo Cerati while he was touring to promote his new album Fuerza Natural really shook me and had a profound effect on me in a good way. I’ve met some lovely people because of this, I’ve had a good look at what I’m doing and made some important changes in my life. Even though the circumstances didn’t affect me, the ripples out into the world, the love he has and how much love his fans have for him has truly humbled me. I feel so sad but there is always hope and miracles, so not all is lost, the power of love does work. I’m so grateful to Gustavo, his music has touched my life 😀
Sometimes life throws that bloody curve ball and you can either get knocked down by it or throw it back or use it in a way that you learn from it, so  you may get less curve balls and more interesting experiences that don’t knock you for six every time.
26th June 10.45am
I am sitting waiting for a plane, in an airport lounge. Watching people go by, its fascinating, people watching as I’ve done it so many times over the years. Seeing the different expressions on people’s faces, airports are especially good for that as the myriad of emotions can differ from one moment to the other. In airports it’s somewhat less guarded and people express themselves sometimes more freely than at other times. It reminds of the British film Love Actually. When being reserved and typically British in that respect, actually gets you nowhere, life is like that as courage and a little bit of risk, make life more exciting and also even though you may not know the outcome, having a little less control is actually good as you are open to more experiences and by being open the experience can be more enjoyable.
I’m not advocating you jump head first into any situation a little bit of caution is good but by being reserved/scared/overly cautious stifles you creativity and sometimes when life throws you a good curve ball ( I have a “thing” about curve balls) – it may not be what you expecting, it rattles you down to your bones and a lot of people react badly but it is what you need! It’s wake up time as we are all half asleep most of the time.
Relationships are like that too, being frightened of “what if’s” or “If only” statements, leaves you stuck in a “twilight void” of indecision and ultimately misery as you are too stuck to move forward.
This is where grace and gratitude come in conjunction with honouring yourself and your emotions, it’s a great way to move forward and it feels good. Whatever decisions I make even if they aren’t pleasant ones, it has to feel good inside for me, that intuitive knowing, the grace “within” to accept a situation and the gratitude to see good come out of circumstances that are bothering me, to get into a state of grace takes practice and also acknowledging your emotions as it’s not easy to be in grace when you’re really angry or miserable but that’s always been my goal in life is to feel good, to be in grace and have gratitude (see my post)
It’s 11.50am
I’m flying north towards Edinburgh it’s a glorious Summer’s day and the cloud formations are lovely, it’s fun being on a plane when you are up in the air but I’m a little uneasy about take off and landing it’s exciting yet I do like being on “terra firma” having the ground beneath my feet is very comforting.
Seeing the world from up here Nature has a wonderful grace about her, a natural intuitive order and abundance that we rarely acknowledge or feel linked to, the “in the moment” gratitude can happen anywhere – right here now at 18,000 feet in the sky! (Yes I’m about 7 years old, being on a plane is great fun for me as I don’t do it very often)
I first took notice through Count Your Blessings by Dr. John Demartini many years ago and I’d still recommend it as his style is amazing and easy to understand and I learnt a lot
The perspective of being up here in the sky is also linked sychronistically to me spiritually, as I know a lot of what I write about comes from within me and it kind of writes itself all I do is facilitate that onto a blog. Being here spiritually is great as I forget how easy it is to have a”normal life” and not feel attuned to spiritual concerns. I am quite down to earth, practical and I’m also love meditating, doing guided imagery, talking to guides and acknowledging a presence within me that guides me intuitively to write, make decisions and trust.
Trust is very important as when I’m in grace, the trust flows easily and I just know what to do, then comes the gratitude.
Gratitude needn’t be a huge list it can be acknowledging the little things everyday that make you feel good.
Examples (this changes all the time)
I woke up this morning (people die all the time)
I had my lunch prepared for me
My sister is treating me to a session of Acupuncture
My daughter got a degree in History (1st with Honours) I’m so proud xx
I’m enjoying relaxing on my holiday, writing this post
I now can make a wicked vegan trifle (recipe & pictures in this post)
Gratitude can be about anything! Give it a whirl!