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No morirá lo que debe sobrevivir a una terapia de amor intensiva. Si algo está enfermo, está con vida”, supo cantar Gustavo Cerati en un tema que hoy, dada la coyuntura médica que atraviesa, podría llegar a convertirse en una bandera de lucha de todos los fanáticos que siguen, minuto a minuto, la evolución del ex Soda.
Con el objetivo de hacerle llegar, al menos desde lo simbólico, un mensaje de aliento, un grupo de fanáticos realizó una suerte de terapia intensiva virtual en la que, inicialmente, se puede ver el parte médico más crítico emitido por el Instituto Fleni, lugar en el que se encuentra internado Cerati.
La propuesta consiste en que píxel a píxel, los mensajes de afecto de sus seguidores –o de cualquier persona que le desee una pronta recuperación-, vayan modificando el parte inicial arrancando, así, una recuperación cibernética.
“Lo sucedido nos lastima, nuestro pasado nos suele matar”, cierra el tema Terapia intensiva de amor. Mientras tanto, los fanáticos del músico juntan fuerzas para verlo volver y escuchar el primer “gracias totales” del segundo tramo
In English
Cerati’s fans create an intensive care of “love”
It’s about a site online which objective is to modify the critical medical report given by FLENI, where the singer is still hospitalized, by a force of solidarity messages
“It won’t die what has to survive to an intensive therapy of love. If something is sick, it is still alive” Gustavo Cerati was able to sing, a song that today, due to the medical condition he is facing, could become a flag of fight for all the fans that follow minute by minute the evolution of the Ex SODA.
With the objective to send him, at least in a symbolic way, a message of hope, a group of fans created a virtual intensive therapywhich at first displays the medical report given by FLENI INSTITUTE where Cerati is hospitalized.
The idea consists that pixel by pixel which are messages of love from his followers – or any other person who wishes him a prompt recovery – it will then modify the original medical report to a cyber recovery.
“Whatever happened hurt us, our past usually kills us” is how the song TERAPIA DE AMOR INTENSIVA ends. In the meantime, fans of the musician unite forces to see him come back and to listen to his second “GRACIAS TOTALES”.
Website to Leave a Message for Gustavo Cerati  (Website is in Spanish)
In English,
On the ecard you can hear SODA STEREO’s song TERAPIA DE AMOR INTENSIVA.
The ecard says:
Your message of strength, love and support to Gustavo will transform the picture of the medical report to a picture of Cerati playing. A symbol that he will be able to overcome this with the support and the strength people give him, pixel by pixel.”
I see this as a symbol of hope and faith; that even though the doctors are reporting the worst scenario, our love and support could do more, even a miracle :o)
Thank you to Sandra ( Twitter @FuerzaCerati)  for the translation for me into English
Please leave a message I left mine in English, it’s easy just put in your name  and message at the bottom of screen (Escribi Tu Mensaje)  and then click Enviar
My message says:
Much Love, healing reiki, strength and lots of hugs to you Gustavo, Get well soon abrazos xxxxxx
Diane Scottishsiren
My message pixel number 8437 – You can search for your pixel number (top right of screen -(Busca tu pixel) after you have left a message.
Thank you