Where are You?

PAC (Peace, Acceptance and Courageousness)

A    G   F   L   A   P

I love the pac man way of looking at this… CAP (Courageousness, Acceptance and Peace) the other way is PAC, as that is where you start from.. (when you are hootless) as you start in peace and we all want to be back there.
After dealing with some tough/difficult emotions it’s great to acknowledge and let them go, the rush of energy you get when the inspiration kicks in is phenomenal.
You gotta do the work on you though – I’ve seen it time and again, stuck energy, people and lives all because of the resistance to change, accepting where you are right now instead of always believing you are not able to do anything. This is pure Apathy so stuck that you feel you can do nothing.
The surrender here is very important, it’s not giving up it’s just accepting what is – there is a difference also if this stuff is in your consciousness and you are aware of it, it is ready to be dealt with.
If it wasn’t it would still be in your subconscious happily swilling around being unnoticed the fact it is up front and centre is great! It means it’s all started to be processed and would like your attention… now please 🙂
Here is where the courageousness kicks in, sometimes when you just don’t know where to turn and know things have to change; have that little bit of courage to try something new – you don’t know why, but have an inkling that feels good (inspiration trying to be heard) and by taking a different tack/another way or surrendering to what is (not your usual head up your arse approach or panicing/worrying or sheer anxiety attacks, fear can keep you from trying to be a little bit courageous.)
I know this stuff works as I’ve been using it for about  four or five years – I’m no expert at all there are plenty people who know this stuff better than I do.
The point is even though I’ve had to deal with some pretty heavy shit, I always come out the other side and this has helped me tremendously. I use it all the time and what used to take weeks and months to resolve not takes minutes or a day at the most, the more you work with your self (It’s not about anyone else anyway; blame is another form of resistance) and see the patterns you are manifesting beautifully in the world through the law of attraction the more you can understand, detach from it and let it go.
The feelings of apathy, rage, grief and general malaise can be really strong but half the time you can your own worst enemy.
I know I tend to default to anger and grief – When I “think I’m angry”, it’s not usually the case as I dig a bit deeper it is covering up a loss of some kind that I feel I have experienced, so by having a look and accepting how I’m feeling and not struggling against it, just letting it out acknowledging the grief or anger (or both) I then start to feel better.
You see the struggle is absolutely exhausting when you really accept things as they really are and stop fighting… let go, it actually helps you to move forward, you don’t feel so overwhelmed by your feelings, as at this point you are actually a lot freer than you know.
I know it sounds counter productive and not very logical – mind you when have feelings ever been logical?
Freedom is essential here, the freedom to make mistakes, to make a right balls up and the feelings of surrender/letting go that accompany that sense of freedom. The lightness of being when you just let it be. When we truly surrender – things start moving our energy starts picking up and our life starts working.
I’ve had one of those wonderful days, today – that I’m truly grateful to be alive. This sounds a bit “hippy shit” but I don’t care. I feel truly inspired today, everything has gone exactly as I wished and I knew it the minute I woke up. Once you start surrendering and being open, you feel a million times lighter (in my case I just glow like Yvaine )
Once your energy gets moving, it exponentially just attracts better quality experiences and off you go. There is an innate sense of wonder again in your life, your passion returns and your trust that things can work out – an inner faith. I’ve had my doubts about many things. The more I do this the more I know, not just believe, know deep inside myself, trusting myself and intuitively doing things and acting from my heart and gut instinct.
I feel great because of it and I can then make a difference, which is what I’m about. We do what we can. It’s only a little in the great scheme of things but it’s enjoyable, I get a lot of satisfaction and the inspiration to do other things; ideas pop out of nowhere.
When your energy is clear and you feel motivated – you inspire yourself and others. It’s contagious and makes me grin a lot. Life is not meant to be a drudge but we all worry so much we literally bring it upon ourselves.
Give it a whirl, I’m happy to chat about my experiences and explain in more detail about this post –  just send me an email 🙂