Simple Good Food ~ Part 1

I love to cook though I have been busy with other things. I have felt inspired of late and have a little more time to cook so here are my efforts. Any decent cook will tell you that having good equipment does help a lot, I don’t need that much, but decent flan dishes, bowls to mix ingredients some good scales, a liquidiser and a blender all help make cooking a meal a lot easier.
Lunch and snacks on any given weekend
Pitta bread– stuffed with fillings
Toast some pitta breads in a toaster my favourite ones are:
Spreads for pittas: Vegan cream cheese, pâté, houmous, egg free mayo
Veggies to add: salad (rocket, watercress, spinach, lettuce) tomatoes, peppers, onion, beetroot, avocado, leeks, onions
Seeds: Roasted Tamari seeds, sunflower, sesame and cashews
Other Ingredients: cooked/tamari tofu, veggie burgers/sausages
imageSome simple ingredients: broccoli, pumpkin seeds, tofu, onions, peppers and a leek
I cooked the leeks and onions in some sunflower oil for about 15 mins and while that was cooking I marinated the tofu in tamari (wheat free soya sauce), then cooked it in sunflower till golden brown. I also used some of the tamari for the pumpkin seeds. I steam the broccoli for 10 mins at the same time.
I dry roasted the pumpkin seeds in a big pan, until they started popping and going slightly brown, keep stirring them as they will burn! Add maybe a couple of tablespoons of tamari, for the amount of pumpkin seeds (see below) I’m not that into them plain so adding tamari to the pumpkin seeds makes them really yummy! They will soak up the tamari and keep stirring so they are fully coated.
I then toast some pitta breads in the toaster, you can add any filling to spread on the pittas after they are toasted ( be careful when opening them as they trap a lot of hot steam) which burns! The fillings I use are cream cheese (vegan, various flavours – garlic, chives & herbs, plain), houmous (again various flavours, plain or with olives is my favourite), mashed up avocado/guacamole , marg/yeast flakes, vegetarian pâté and vegan mayonnaise.
This is what they look like when I put it all together, it may not be very pretty though it tastes bloody lovely, is rather filling and good for you (lots of B & C vits, iron and calcium)
pitta with peppers, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, tofu and cream cheese filling
pitta with beetroot, tomato, tofu (salad – rocket and watercress) with pâté


I love leeks so much, and I always try and sneak them in somewhere.
Here’s a great guide to growing them from Happy DIY Home, Thanks Jean!
There is a also a part 2 to my simple good food
Music listened to while researching, cooking and editing –  Kate Bush & The Jam
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