Busy, Jeez thought I’d never stop!
It’s great when things take off and move; more on why this happened so quickly later…
It’s good to get your feet under and really sort things out
I’ve always been an initiator, I like moving things along and I follow through sometimes it takes a while (lots of patience, faith and being a tad tenacious is important here) Though of late the moving part I don’t really need to do, which in my book is fab as it means a lot less effort on my part. How does it get any better than that? What else is possible?
I love it when things fall into place all by themselves and just seem to work out. One of my targets this year is getting fitter, never been really unfit, just wanted to be more toned and curvy; that’s been happening without me really having a proper fitness plan in place. This is where my new dress comes in… I love dresses, not really OTT flowery girly ones, just hourglass friendly shaped ones that make me feel like a million pounds. I haven’t bought any clothes for a while and I enjoyed buying my new dress; I’m not a huge shopping excursion fan, I prefer buying CD’s and wandering around market stalls and smaller vintage community shops/areas like Brick Lane & Portobello Road Market in London.
Permaculture & My Bike
I’ve been working on the East Lodge Permaculture Demo Garden for a while now and I am really enjoying it; I ride my lovely Marin Point Reyes to the Lodge, so I have got fit while working there and getting there. I’ve also set up the WPG (Warwick Permaculture Group) a local group who are designing their gardens on Permaculture principles. We’ve all been proactive and have now got a lots of baby seedlings and plants on almost every windowsill. (from broccoli to avocados, to peppers to calendula and sweetcorn.) We are also incorporating swales, raised beds with companion planting into our gardens.  I’m also about to start reading this book …
 Creating a Forest Garden ~ Martin Crawford
I also love the Ethics of Permaculture 

“Neatly summed up as “Earth care, people care, fair shares”, the permaculture ethics give purpose to our work, and connect us with the many millions of others who are also working towards a fairer, healthier and more harmonious human culture” – Permaculture Assoc

I’ve been fascinated by Permaculture for a several years and recently did an intensive introductory course which blew my mind. It’s great chatting about new things/ideas and planning them( a lot of Permaculture is based on good design), I’m lucky having people & resources popping into my life just when needed and it’s great to actually get on with it and start to see results for all our efforts. I really believe in free food; in any setting whether it’s an urban or country area, these techniques can work anywhere.
I grew up in a small town, the street I lived on stuck out into a field. The views of the Firth of Forth, Edinburgh and the Pentland Hills are breathtaking, I used to trundle out as a kid for veggies in the garden, pulling up carrots, eating peas, getting my hand stuck in the homemade beetroot jar and munching strawberries. The quality of the vegetables and fruit were amazingly good that my dad grew, so as I got older and moved away from my home town I started eating organic fruit and veg as a lot of non organic produce was just tasteless.
View of Arthur’s Seat, and Firth of Forth from my parents’ house (Left) on the right the Pentland Hills Thanks to my lovely Sister Gina for taking the pictures
I’ve always been hesitant to grow my own food as I didn’t have the space or confidence before to have a go. It doesn’t matter if I make mistakes, that’s the point – it’s just about learning, we are all doing that everyday. I’ve grown tomatoes in the past successfully, so this is a big step forward for me, exciting and I know it will be fun once I’ve got things more established, the weather here has been quite dry and I was gardening putting in the raised bed last Thursday evening, gardening by the crescent moonlight/twilight accompanied by The Jimi Hendrix Experience on my SqueezeBox it was great to dig to!
I’m also learning by doing, so I now I have a growing knowledge base I can use in my own and our group’s garden projects. What I also really like is the sense of community (people care) which working with others inspires, I have a closer relationship with current friends and I’ve made new friends because of my involvement.
Making a raised bed for the sweetcorn and potatoes in my garden

East Lodge Permaculture Demo Garden Project – prepping the soil and making some 18 day compost

My beloved Zed (trust me it’s a 9 year affair) has moved forward in a nice way, my mate Nick helped me out and sorted the exhaust gaskets (involved angle grinders, a breaker bar and muffled swear words from under my Zed at one point!) So I have very little to do now to get my Zed through its MOT …Yay! It was great to start my Zed up and hear it for the 1st time in ages. I’m really looking forward to driving it again especially with the roof off 🙂
New Website/Access Consciousness
Two things Access Consciousness and my new website, I’ve decided after some deliberation to have a blog  just for my self-employed business ( I work as an Aromatherapist/Masseuse and give Reiki treatments, do Meditation/Guided Imagery Classes and Reiki Shares) I’ve now got that up and running, got my business cards sorted and I’m enjoying working in that area again (Hence being so busy, as I have 2 jobs now!) I’ve also had a break from posting here as there isn’t enough hours in the day!!
The great thing about all the above is the way I’ve achieved it, I use a set of tools called Access (short for Access Consciousness), which in my rudimentary understanding is about inviting the Universe into your life with specific questions rather than spending an eternity finding solutions (and let’s be honest worrying about finding them and trying to figure it all out is exhausting!) I do some specific work on attracting what I need and just let it come to me. It’s weird and wacky yet it works as I’ve tested it on many things that I do myself. I only focus on my things as if I was helping someone else – it’s so easy to do, it’s easier to teach someone how to do it themselves.
The Universe is full of energy, it’s everywhere, so I suppose I’m just directing the flow of energy in a good receiving type of way towards me. I’ve studied in-depth many things, like the Sedona Method, Reiki and various forms of self-development techniques over the years. This stuff (not really sure what to call it, stuff feels right) it has literally just blown me away. What’s so good about it is I’ve introduced simple techniques to people who have no knowledge of this and they can see it working (usually very quickly), though they don’t know why it does – I’m sure they think I’m a tad strange (well it’s not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last that I’ve been told that!) It doesn’t matter one jot how it works (too much trying to figure it out (head stuff) and frankly who cares?)  I love that things get resolved in interesting ways, to everyone’s benefit. I also like is that you can actually feel the energy whooshing through you – I’m sat here glowing like a wee beacon as I type this, I’ve always been interested in energy since I was a teenager and I feel this is a great life path choice for me.Life is all about choices, how we handle ourselves, what we are open to receiving, having a set point of view about the world has its advantages, yet at the same time can be rigid, intolerant and not open to new ways of thinking and ways of approaching problems that may be different from what you are used to. It’s not wrong it’s just a different approach. In my book if it works, feels great and doesn’t hurt anyone… all power to it!!! I like being inventive, daring, passionate and galloping around in life (I’m a Fire Horse by birth). I also like being open-hearted, laid back, generous, loving and sensual ( Taurus).
I’m having fun playing/working with the Access tools of energy balls, statements, questions and just enjoying clearing my energy. I’ve had good results financially, emotionally and attracted people, situations and ideas/inspiration into my life. I feel great, I look good, I’ve lost weight (in a good healthy way) and I’m happy most of the time – if I’m not I use one of the techniques to help me. It’s not that easy to explain what it is. I actually find it’s easier to work in situ with someone and explain as each situation/person is different. I’ve had loads of good feedback with it. It’s not the only way, there are many, many others; right now for me I’m enjoying working with the energy, being open to new possibilities and manifesting what I need in my life…. hooray! ….
How does it get any better than that? 🙂