Sitting here with Paddington Bear at Paddington Station in London I’ve always had a fascination for trains and stations. My favourite station is Paddington. I love the architecture, the expanse of the place and the ambient yet buzzy vibe the place has.
I love watching all the people, busily going from A to B, stopping along the way for a coffee and a bite to eat.I’ve spent the last four days in London, sitting in cafes just relaxing the afternoons away drinking lots of coffee (I love soya cappuccinos), eating vegan cupcakes, wandering around, going to galleries, on an Access Consciousness bars course – (see this post about that) and generally having a little holiday.
I like writing blog posts when inspired and being here does that for me. I go through peaks and troughs in my blogging; life is like that too. It’s good to acknowledge that and when you do, the clarity will come. Once you have that bit it just gets easier.
I met the owner of the Ms. Cupcake shop and enjoyed drinking coffee in Rosie’s Deli Cafe next door. She said something quite profound, she wanted just to eat vegan cake and couldn’t and wanted a place where there was some love in the baking that was done. There wasn’t so she set up a place herself. The love is important, as life becomes meaningless, if we don’t take care of ourselves especially our souls.
Career, status and money mean diddly squat, when nothing works as you need to tend to the soul work first. Loving yourself and having the time out to do that is vitally important as life will stop you in your tracks until you get it.
I’ve been listening to a lot of Adyashanti and meditating and this where this blog post’s inspiration comes from.
Adyashanti talks a lot about sensing flow in his cd True Manifesting. He talks about the currents of life and going with them. He knew, he did hear the message – he knew his time was up, yet he felt compulsively & blindly driven (ego) to carry on ignoring the messages “I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t do that”
You can’t screw up it… You can only slow it down/resistance to your life – life isn’t the other. Trust its movement; when there is no resistance, you can sense the currents of where you life is going. The more we let go, there is less fear and life can show us. When you are really in fear/anxiety you think you can’t feel it. It is there. Your life is going there anyway whether it takes you forward or you come along screaming dragging your heels backwards.
There are no assurances/certainties/securities; yup you are winging it like everyone else, just some of us are sensing the energy/flow a little easier and it becomes more familiar..
There are many ways to do this:
Clear you energy with Massage, Reiki, Access Consciousness, EFT, Matrix Energetics, Ho’oponopono, Loving Yourself, Inner Guides, Meditation, Angelic Help, Guided Visualisation, Talking to a Friend  – whatever works for you.
Journeys of the soul are an important step, in self-examination and inner knowledge.
We can put it off, the roles we play, the life we lead or try to. Ignoring the signs so clearly laid out in front of us. When you are struggling and up to your neck in it, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to do.
I ask questions, especially about clarity as when you are clear it brings peace. A good question to ask is access consciousness one I use on just about everything I need to feel clear about. (repeat a few times, let the answers come)
What energy, space and consciousness can I be that would allow me to have total clarity and ease about the whole situation with ——————–?  (pause here for a few seconds to feel the energy) And everything that doesn’t allow that to happen, would you destroy & uncreate all that now please?
Then say this clearing statement
Right and wrong, good and bad, pod and poc, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds.
Now the above sounds like complete mental gobbledy-gook, that’s fine as it’s not the words that are important it’s the intention which is the seeking of clarity. You can focus on the stress and stuff or you could try another approach like this, or something else that feels good to you.
My life is unfolding in a lovely way at the moment as divine timing is at work here. It’s great when you can tune into the energy of things, people, situations and move forward with confidence because it feels good. I only ever write when inspired, on this blog I’ve had a rather long break since Aug 2011, that’s OK, as it feels good to write again, that creative kick that sends me into a flurry, a passion that comes upon me to communicate/reach out/ pull energetically all that’s for me at this time.
We all suck big time at receiving, whether it be love, support of any kind, as your energetic matrix is always on, always sending out signals.
We are meant to give and receive, though we are so conditioned to not receive as it’s seen as a tad selfish.
We put up barriers even though we accept reluctantly.
Well you are saying, you don’t want this energetically, so the universe obliges and you stop the flow, instead of flowing with the river and attracting what you need.
More inner work is needed, clearing your energy, it then feels much better, as you cleared a lot of the resistance to the incoming energy flow – it’s like the chi of life flowing in a river, the water goes round the rocks, we like crashing into said rocks or get stuck in the mud (of our heads) on the bank.
We are all on a journey in life, paddington bear is a metaphor as he was taken care of and we all are in some way. You just got to trust that it will be all right.
Music listened to while editing blog post – The Breeders

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