I’ve neglected posting about Gus over the last few months and that will now be addressed
I’ve been so distracted by many other things
Today is international Women’s Day and I’ve posted this everywhere as it’s just so lovely
“Nunca creí en el machismo. Mi mundo está rodeado de mujeres. Todos vivimos gracias a una mujer. Su luz y su vida nos trajo acá, ¿Por qué debería minimizarlas entonces?…Al contrario, son más especiales que nosotros”. (Gustavo Cerati – Diario La Razón 1988)
Feliz día a esas amigas, hermanas, madres, abuelas! Feliz día mujeres! 🙂
“I never believed in machismo. My world is surrounded by women. We all live by a woman. Her light and life brought us here, why should we minimize it? … On the contrary, they are more special than us. ” (Gustavo Cerati – Reason Journal 1988)
Happy day to those friends, sisters, mothers, grandmothers! Happy Women’s day! 🙂