It’s been a long while just under a year since I’ve blogged on my scottishsiren blog. I’ve been happy to post pics on tumblr and various other places. But not here, I’ve just taken a break as there were other more important personal things that needed to be taken care of.
Taken care of… we all need that, most importantly being responsible for ourselves and taking good care of our own emotions and well-being.
I had a bit of an epiphany last night and trust me it was a long time coming.. Sometimes you just don’t see your own stuff even when it’s slapping you in the face.. Oh the joys of being aware and unaware!
I have a strong work ethic and when things aren’t working I tend to look at what’s going on inside rather than focusing on the what’s happening or not in the outer world. The answers are always within reach if you go inside yourself and listen. What I’ve learnt and is simple. Let it Be
Not too profound though it is actually much more than you first think.
We are so used to swimming upstream, everything is an effort as we think too much, feel too much and have no idea how to actually calm down enough to be in peace. A friend of mine is reminding me today to CTFO… (chill the fuck out) I need the reminding!  We are so good at piling on the guilt, the stress and doing the headless chicken scenario.
Let Go
Let it be, all that resistance, feelings, fighting, anger and all of it, just “stop it”  If we were meant to go against the tide and swim upstream, we would be salmon. We are not. We have been given consciousness and awareness, it’s our choice what we do with it: learning about it, meditating, accepting and relaxing are just as important as doing/action orientated choices.
Here’s a great quote from Adyashanti – this man has saved my life along with Tom Verbroekken

“You know what I do, when I don’t know?
I know one thing: I know it’s simply not the time to know, so I relax. I don’t even try to know.
And what you find is, you know exactly when you need to know, and not one second sooner.
That’s how it is, and it’s not just for me – it’s for everybody.

The only question is, how much struggling do you do in between?
So sometimes, it’s just not the moment to know. And that opens you up to a real sensitivity. It’s easier for life to get through to you, you know…because you’re listening instead of desperately trying to know.

If what’s true is ‘I don’t know what to do…or where to turn…or what the hell is going on’…take it in.
That’s your truth. That’s what’s real for you.
Whether you like it or not, take it in, breathe it in…with no resistance.
Let it become you. Embody it.
And all of a sudden the thing that you wanted to push away, becomes your freedom.”

I’ve been doing a lot of generation (using energy balls, clearing energy on situations and generally being grateful) and action orientated doing stuff (planned in my diary from keeping fit, organising friends, work and issues that arise) I’ve also got into doing too much and then going into resistance of everyone and everything as I felt suffocated by all of it. Now here is where the magic and treasure is…  STOP IT!
That’s where it changes.. so all the vulnerability and resistance I’ve feeling (always happens when I’m doing too much, feeling overwhelmed and fighting my feelings) I’ve cleared my energy & emotions using Access Consciousness, Sedona Method, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, etc etc etc…  I’m a lot happier and have a lot more genuine peacefulness because of it though even all that is too much… It’s still doing. We all DO way too much and don’t trust that things are moving, changing and evolving as we aren’t seeing the concrete evidence that there is a plan and it will all happen whether we walk peacefully with it or get dragged screaming.
I’ve done enough, well I’d done enough ages ago and just kept doing as that’s what I thought I should be doing…  Time to just be now for a while. I’m not actually sitting on a lotus flower chanting OM and doing nothing. (Not far off it, though I’m still living my life and making choices, going to work and having fun) All this doing is exhausting, my body tells me when I’m over doing it, I get sneezing fits or my eyes get sore and itchy. Our bodies are very clever at signalling to us when we are straining and stressing …. Slow down….
Interesting point of view  –  Access Consciousness Tools to help
Everything at the moment is just an interesting point of viewso when I start thinking (bad habit I have) here’s a great tool for stepping back and detaching and giving your self some space  in your head and body. (Earlier I mentioned I felt suffocated – that’s because I chose to react to those circumstances and people that way)
So when my head starts I say.. hmmm… Interesting Point of View, that I have this  point of view.. ( this can be applied to other people’s points of views too (so you don’t need to align, accept, resist or react to them)
Saying this is as many times as needed, shifts your energy (sometimes slightly sometimes a lot). What I love about it is the space it gives me to breathe, to feel freer and more peaceful.
Here’s the best bit..  I asked the question Did I create any of this?
I created all of it
Yup, you heard me… all of it all that resistance, circumstances and reactions.  The thoughts you have create your reality, not the other way around Yup that person who annoys you, yup you created it. If it wasn’t important, they wouldn’t even be on your radar.. there would be no reaction. Your lesson to learn not THEIRS
Fascinating – when you realise.
Just being aware you are creating it all is enough, you don’t need to do anything all the time, the awareness is enough. Sometimes you’ll have enough new space and get an intuition/a hunch to take action or make a choice or you can just let it be and relax, knowing what you need to know will arrive with divine timing.
Being impatient, forcing things and thinking you can control it all ( that’s your ego talking and the Universe don’t give a hoot about that!)
So, ask some questions if it feels light
Let go and just be
See what happens